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Cystatin C FS – The New Immunoturbidimetric Gold Standard

DiaSys achieved excellent results in a recent multicenter study for Cystatin C FS and succeeded with major advantages over its competitors.
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Tosoh and DiaSys Announce Collaboration

Tosoh and DiaSys join forces to offer a fast, precise and sensitive high quality solution for clinical laboratory testing.
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QDx Lipidcheck™

Complete POC Lipid Profile

  • One sample: 6 parameters –Total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, HDL/ LDL ratio and TC/HDL ratio
  • Easy to handle
  • Only 45μL capillary/venous blood
  • Fast, easy 3-step procedure
  • Factory calibrated test strips
  • Small, lightweight design for versatility and portability
  • Memory 1000 tests 

QDx LipidcheckTM offers a convenient, accurate and cost effective point of care lipid profile tests. It serves as a diagnostic tool that provides information for immediate risk assessment and therapeutic monitoring of heart disease, whether in the physician’s office, clinic, hospital or other practice settings.

QDx Allerg™

  • Point of care allergy testing
  • Results within 30 minutes
  • 2 drops of whole blood required

QDx Allerg™ is a Point of Care semi-quantitative test for testing inhalant and food (veg and non-veg) allergies. It performs comprehensive in vitro testing for around 20 allergen specific IgE antibodies (including mixes) simultaneously. The test requires only 100 µL of whole blood from a finger prick and giving results within 30 minutes. For further information please visit our pages concerning QDx Allerg™

Early detection of Dengue and Malaria with DiaSys QDx

Malaria and Dengue fever are mosquito borne diseases that have the possibility to become pandemic on certain continents. DiaSys offers rapid diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of malaria and dengue fever within our QDx POCT product portfolio. For malaria we offer 2 kits, QDx Malaria PAN/Pf and QDx Malaria Pv/Pf both of which are 2 step assays with results in 15 minutes and requiring only 5 µL of whole blood. Both kits can detect down to 50 parasites per µL whole blood this being a great advantage with rapid diagnostic tests. For Dengue fever we offer QDx Dengue Combo, a rapid and qualitative test for the detection of Dengue IgG, IgM antibodies and Dengue NS1 antigen in human whole blood, serum or plasma. This can detect infection from day 1 with results in 15 minutes.
For further information please visit our pages concerning QDx POCT.

CRP FS - The Economic Alternative

High performance reagent for reliable diagnosis of inflammation

  • Immunoturbidimetric assay – no latex
  • Wide measuring range up to 250 mg/L
  • Calibrators standardized to ERM®-DA474/IFCC
  • Robust and reliable – for use on common clinical chemistry analyzers

QDx® Urinalysis

DiaSys has and offers 3 different test strips and an automatic reader. The 3 different test strips are QDx® Urine DS 10 (10 parameters), QDx® Urine DS 11 MAU (11 parameters including microalbumin) and QDx® Urine DS 4 MAU (4 parameters including microalbumin. They can be used manually and the QDx® Urine DS 10 and QDx® Urine DS 11 MAU can also be used on our automatic reader, the Urilyzer DS 100 which is capable of measuring up to 120 strips per hour. Urinalysis by using urine test strips is performed in most hospital laboratories, clinics and Doctors offices. The testing is robust and relatively inexpensive and giving a quick turnaround time from testing to results. For further information please visit our pages concerning QDx POCT.

Homocysteine FS – The Reliable Solution for Diagnosis and Monitoring

Many studies have demonstrated that plasma homocysteine (Hcy) is a strong and independent risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke. Homocysteine FS is based on an enzymatic cycling technique leading to significant amplification of the detection signal. The test offers a specific and easy-to-use solution for the determination of homocysteine. Elevated levels of cystathionine, often increased in patients with renal failure, do not interfere with the DiaSys assay. Please find additional information in our new brochure. Download

Ethanol FS - Alcohol testing meeting all medico-legal requirements

Ethanol measurements are performed in diagnosis of alcohol intoxications. Ethanol FS, an enzymatic test with alcohol dehydrogenase, offers a simple, rapid and accurate solution for the quantification of ethanol in serum and plasma. Calibration of the tests can be performed with 2 or 5 calibrators, depending on requirements. The ready-to-use 2 component test, traceable to the NIST SRM 2893, can be used on any clinical chemistry analyzer. Please find additional information in our new brochure. Download

World Health Day dedicated to Diabetes

Wordwide diabetes incidences are rising rapidly, therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) dedicated the World Health Day on 7th April 2016 to Diabetes. In order to achieve reliable diabetes management it is essential to work with an experienced partner and state-of-the art methods. DiaSys offers a broad diabetes portfolio, covering all relevant aspects of this metabolic emergency situation.