SensoStar GL30 touch and SensoStar GLHsix

The SensoStar analyzers measure glucose (hematocrit corrected) and lactate with maintenance free biosensors from hemolyzed blood samples. SensoStar GLHsix measures in addition hemoglobin photometrically.

The SensoStar GL30 touch is a high-throughput system equipped with a 30 position sample rotor. The SensoStar GLHsix is designed for single samples and small series up to six samples.

Both instruments share high specificity and accuracy, and excellent precision. Automatic calibration, easy sample collection and flexible sample matrix facilitate routine work significantly.

Technical Specifications

SensoStar GL30 touchSensoStar GLHsix
Measuring rangeGlucose 0.6 - 50 mmol/L (11 - 910 mg/dL)

Lactate 0.5 - 30 mmol/L (4.5 - 270 mg/dL)

Glucose 0.6 - 50 mmol/L (11 - 910 mg/dL)

Lactate 0.5 - 30 mmol/L (4.5 - 270 mg/dL)

Hemoglobin 1.86 - 15.5 mmol/L (3 - 25 g/dL)


Glucose biosensor approx. 180 tests/hour

Glucose/Lactate biosensor approx. 100 tests/hour

Single/dual measurement glucose and/or lactate: 40 s

Single measurement hemoglobin: 90 s

Measurement glucose and/or lactate plus hemoglobin: 90 s

Sample positions306
Sample volume10/20 µL10 µL
Sample typesWhole blood, serum, plasma, CSF

Precision CV
Glucose (12 mmol/L) < 1.5%; Lactate (10 mmol/L) < 2.0 %
Sample barcode readerIntegratedOptional
Colour touch screen
Dimensions365 mm (W) x 434 mm (D) x 250 mm (H)200 mm (W) x 150 mm (D) x 170 mm (H)
Weight9 kg2 kg

Individual Hematocrit Correction

Both SensoStar analyzers use the individual hematocrit correction to avoid inaccurate calculations of whole blood glucose into plasma glucose.

The instruments measure the individual hemoglobin concentration (hematocrit value and Hb concentration are correlated) of a whole blood sample. The measured hemoglobin value is the basis to generate the individual compensation factor for the calculation of whole blood glucose into plasma glucose for each sample – thus providing true glucose values.

Plasma glucose vs. whole blood glucose


SensoStar GL30 Brochure

SensoStar GLHsix Brochure

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