Calcium AS FS

1 1130 *

Arsenazo III method

Calibrator(s) TruCal U
Control(s) TruLab N, TruLab P, TruLab Urine
Standard Calcium Standard FS
Kits Hitachi 911/912/902/717, Multi-purpose

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DiaSys Electrolytes – The photometric alternative

DiaSys presents photometric tests for sodium, potassium and chloride applicable to any clinical chemistry analyzer. These tests are an excellent alternative to ISE for all labs with a small number of tests - no separate work station, no maintenance costs! The ready-to-use reagents show excellent performance with accurate and precise results over a wide linear range. The chloride test uses an innovative methodology avoiding toxic and harming mercury compounds used in established reagents. The liquid-stable calibrator TruCal E is suitable for all three tests.

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