"Choosing quality" becomes a matter of the heart

DiaSys partner from Oman publishes respons® service videos

Mr. Shakeel Baig from Ruwi Advanced Medical Equipment LLC in Oman has been our partner since 2018. During this time, he has successfully introduced the DiaSys respons®910 and respons®920 systems to a highly price-sensitive market.

He is passionate about customer support, as all his uploaded videos, including the recent publication on the DiaSys respons®910 analyzer, show.

Moreover, Mr. Baig is committed to quality. "Choosing Quality" for him, as it is for DiaSys, is the vision to improve laboratory diagnostic services in all markets - from the first drop of water to reliable results in diagnostic laboratories. He promotes the DiaSys system concept to his customers by emphasizing that the high-quality reagents from DiaSys, in combination with the analyzers, provide results that medical professionals can rely on.

Thank you Mr. Baig! We look forward to the coming years to celebrate the success of the new respons® family member, the respons®940, at its launch in Oman!