Dear customers, partners and friends around the world,

This DiaLog newsletter clearly demonstrates the huge variety of topics a diagnostic company is dealing with at the age of 30. If it were a human being, we would consider it as the rush hour of life. New products such as LDH 21 FS have been launched - please be aware of the outstanding performance. In addition, our new water-purification system line fully supports our “choosing quality” philosophy.

The interaction with organizations such as IFCC implies many aspects. The focus is to bring clinical diagnostics to much more worldwide awareness. During the COVID-19 pandemic, various valuable guidelines have been released by IFCC. More about the latest development on serological testing of patient samples suffering from COVID-19 is taken up as a topic, too. In addition, much more possibilities to interact with IFCC exist than just those on the scientific side.

The Olympic Games at Tokyo in 2021 brought a real surprise for us along. One of the earliest developed instruments in our portfolio has made it to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. Please enjoy reading this little side story in the life of a 30 years old company. From Europe to Japan in the Far East and to the far west of Latin America, we continue to stay in close contact to our customers. The report on the latest virtual training of our partners in Latin America may be considered as one example only in this respect.

We hope you enjoy reading this Dialog and would love to meet you in person at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf. We all still have to face some restrictions due to the COVID pandemic therefore; we warmly welcome everyone at our booth who will find his way to us.

Please take care and stay healthy! 

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Jan Gorka