DiaSys at IFCC Worldlab/APFCB Congress

In July 2022, DiaSys participated in the 24th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine taking place along with the 16th Asia-Pacific Congress of Clinical Biochemistry in Seoul, South Korea. The DiaSys product portfolio was presented at the booth of our valued partner Green Cross GC Medical Science (GCMS).

Following the congress, GCMS offered DiaSys the opportunity to participate in an industry-sponsored workshop titled “New PETIA for Procalcitonin, routine experience and lessons learned from EQA evaluations” which featured the new particle-enhanced DiaSys immunoturbidimetric assay to determine procalcitonin, Procalcitonin FS.

After a general introduction of this parameter and basic sepsis information by Ms. Delseith Hermsdorf, Head of Global Marketing and Product Management at DiaSys, Professor Matthias Grimmler, Head of R & D at DiaSys, contributed comprehensive routine data on the procalcitonin parameter and results from German External Quality Assessment ring trial programs (EQAs).

The workshop provided a platform for colleagues and interested professionals from different disciplines to exchange and share knowledge, experience and ideas on how to implement the new PETIA test in clinical practice.

Apart from his participation in the exhibition and workshop, Mr. Thomas Masetto, project leader and developer of the Procalcitonin FS assay at DiaSys, showed a scientific poster entitled “Evaluation of a new accurate and reliable particle enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay for the detection of Procalcitonin in the management of sepsis”.

Altogether, it has been a vivid experience with many opportunities for beneficial negotiations and talks to deepen longstanding customer relations.

Download the scientific poster from our website.