DiaSys presentations at SEPTIMET and EURAMET

DiaSys' immunoassay developer Thomas Masetto was invited to speak at the Stakeholder Event of the EU-funded (EMPIR) project SEPTIMET and at a EURAMET workshop.

SEPTIMET Stakeholder Event - September 14, 2021

The SEPTIMET project is dedicated to improve the time to result, accuracy and reproducibility of diagnostic tests for the detection and treatment of sepsis.
The aims of this clinically oriented project are:

Mr. Masetto's presentation highlighted challenges an IVD manufacturer faces when developing IVD kits for sepsis marker measurement. He also explained the advantages and disadvantages of CLIA and PETIA technology, the impact of antibodies on the performance of various Procalcitonin assays, and the standardization of calibrators.

Those interested in learning more about the SEPTIMET project and expanding their knowledge of sepsis have the opportunity to view the full recording of the event on YouTube. The DiaSys presentation starts at 1:06:03: https://youtu.be/kjD8GnRyEIk

EURAMET Workshop - November 10, 2021

The EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL METROLOGY INSTITUTES (EURAMET) aims to develop and disseminate an integrated, cost-effective and internationally competitive metrology infrastructure for Europe. The highest priority for the association and its members is to increase the benefits of metrology for society.

The workshop on November 10 focused on the challenges of (bio)chemical measurement techniques in the context of diagnostic measurements, therapeutics and new techniques.

As part of this workshop, immunoassay developer Thomas Masetto gave a presentation on the topic of challenges in the development of IVD tests for innovative biomarkers entitled: What an IVD manufacturer needs for accurate measurements". Using some of DiaSys' new clinical chemistry and immunoassay parameters as examples, he described the challenges faced during the design phase and development process.

Information on EURAMET and upcoming workshops can be found here: www.euramet.org