First training in new DiaSys Lounge in Egypt

Although it is not officially inaugurated yet, a first instrument training took place in our new DiaSys Lounge in Cairo.

Seven engineers of our distributors from Libya, Albania, Djibouti and Chad received a comprehensive training for the respons®920 from our technical support team (connected online) and employees of our local partner. During 5 days, the participants learned about general installation as well as technical know-how by disassembling and assembling the analyzer. Special attention was paid to the topic of trouble shooting.

The training was a complete success and we hope that the participants now feel well prepared for all tasks their customers may face.

About the DiaSys Lounge

In 2021, we opened the training center "DiaSys Lounge" in the building of our long-standing partner in Egypt, Lab Top. The aim is to provide easier access to face to face trainings outside Europe, especially for our partners from MEA and Asia. All DiaSys analyzers are installed in the lounge. Thus, there is the possibility to use the premises also as a showroom and for sales meetings. The DiaSys Lounge is a new step to provide excellent support to our distributors around the world.