Further development of the water purification systems

DiaSys is pleased to present the enhanced water systems O maxi and O mini. The improved systems are now marketed under the names O maxi+ and O mini+. Besides a new design of the housings, especially the control system has been revised. The analog pressure gauges previously used have been replaced by digital pressure sensors. Furthermore, in addition to the sensor at the water outlet, a second conductivity sensor has been installed downstream of the reverse osmosis membrane. This allows early detection of membrane wear and appropriate action to be taken. The values of all sensors can be called up via an LCD display and transmitted to an external PC via a USB connection.

Due to an optimized arrangement of filter and pump in the O maxi+, the 11 L exchanger resin bottle could be integrated into the housing. The 72 L water tank can either be placed freely next to the water system or on top of the housing which allows a more space-saving and flexible installation.

The exchanger resin capacity of the O mini+ has been extended by an additional 0.25 L cartridge. Thus, more water can be produced before the cartridges have to be replaced.

The O classic model will be offered unchanged.

The performance parameters of the systems have not changed as a consequence of the further development. We recommend the O maxi+ for use with BioMajesty® JSC 6010/C or with the respons®940 analyzer. O mini+ or O classic are recommended for supplying the respons®920 and respons®910 systems.

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