30 years anniversary

When a company celebrates its 30th anniversary, it is not necessarily granted that people have been working with the company since the first day. On April 1, 2021 Dr. Günther Gorka, main shareholder and one of the founders of DiaSys, celebrated his 30 years anniversary as employee.

Dr. Günther Gorka showing the gifts.

Beside a virtual celebration, which gave every staff member the opportunity to send congratulations, Dr. Gorka received two presents, representing his interest and commitment to sustainable activities. One is a slice of a tree with the most significant and important DiaSys milestones marking the year rings of the tree. The second present is a sponsorship of a Riesling grapevine; Dr. Gorka will annually receive the corresponding amount of wine output of this famous German grape.

To work and to grow a company, for more than 30 years, is an extraordinary achievement. Dr. Gorka still drives DiaSys forward, despite his advanced age, with enormous “herd blood” and engagement.

Happy birthday to 30 years in DiaSys!