30 years of committed sustainability and practiced environmental compatibility

The success story of the owner-managed company DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH, which began in 1991, not only internalizes "choosing quality" as a guiding principle, but also goes hand in hand with the concept of offering products that are not only extremely reliable, but as well produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Located in a rural setting and directly adjacent to a bird sanctuary, DiaSys is consistently committed to the use of reusable energy. In addition to a cistern that collects up to 7,500 liters of rainwater for flushing the toilets (service water), the sight of a pond in the courtyard is a delight. It serves as a fire-fighting pond if required (30,000 liters); of course WITHOUT its inhabitants: six grass carps (which have felt at home here for more than 18 years by now), a mirror carp as well as many moderlieschen (a freshwater fish species).

A block heating plant powered by natural gas supports the building's heating with 17 kW in winter and hot water in summer. This combination of heat and power generation provides maximum thermal efficiency and minimizes the production of exhaust gases that normally contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Since 1999, the production, storage, disinfection and distribution of the precious raw material water has been carried out in the company's own ultra-pure water system. So-called "purified water" is used for a wide variety of applications: In addition to cleaning purposes in production and lab facilities, it is primarily used in reagent production. The water treatment plant is continuously modernized and today offers graphic visualization and convenient control via a human-machine interface (HMI) from any office computer.

Mostly electronic filing systems and package inserts, provided to customers for download on the website, help avoiding paper. DiaSys only uses two primary packaging materials: Reagent containers, vials, lids and labels are made of polyethylene (PE), all outer packaging is made of paper and cardboard, which can be recycled. Brochures are printed climate neutrally on FSC-certified paper. For some years now, DiaSys has been operating an e-car plus its electric charging station; a second electric charging station is made available for visitors.

Employees benefit from this environmental attitude in terms of a pleasant working environment; fruit trees are planted on the spacious grounds (harvesting is expressly permitted), and the roof of the building is partly planted, so that the view during a meeting is actually 'into the green', which stimulates concentration.

By showing responsibility for high-quality laboratory systems and environmentally friendly production in Germany, DiaSys, as a reliabele cooperation partner, sets a benchmark for sustainability.