DiaSys Japan celebrates its 15th anniversary

Brief insights into the DiaSys subsidiary

2021 is not only a special anniversary year for DiaSys Diagnostic Systems, but also for our subsidiary DiaSys Japan, which proudly celebrates its 15th anniversary this year!
CEO Yoshihiko Akagi gives us a glimpse into the history of DiaSys Japan.

Before I talk about DiaSys Japan, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Yoshihiko Akagi. I have been working for DiaSys for more than 25 years, since 1995. The first 10 years I worked for DiaSys as a consultant and window to Japan.

DiaSys Japan was established on January 23, 2006, and initially had two functions: one was to operate an R&D laboratory, and the other was marketing and sales promotion.
When I started to promote DiaSys’ fluid stable reagents, many Japanese in-vitro diagnostic companies were still selling lyophilized reagents. All of them said: “We will develop and launch liquid type clinical chemistry reagents soon.” However, they did not succeed the way DiaSys did. We had the confidence to enter the Japanese market.

Why did we base DiaSys Japan in Kobe?

Hyogo Prefecture and the city of Kobe offer a special incentive for foreign-affiliated companies. Kobe city had a plan to establish a medical industrial city on an artificial island.
Good population: not as busy as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto
Good atmosphere: Kobe has both mountains and a harbor by the sea
Good food and drink: Famous Kobe beef & Kobe wine, sake and Kobe water.
+ My hometown :-)

The history of DiaSys Japan

1992: Establishment of Akagi Trading Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiko Akagi started his own company for IVD R&D and sales support service.

1995 July: AACC in Anaheim: The first contact between DiaSys and Akagi Trading
Mr. Akagi attended Japan Tectron's booth at AACC in Anaheim, USA, in 1995 as a consultant. Japan Tectron was a manufacturer of clinical chemistry analyzers. At this exhibition, Mr. Akagi and Mr. Guenther Jans from DiaSys met for the first time.

1995 September: JSCLA (Japan Society for Clinical Laboratory Automation) in Kobe
Mr. Jans came to JSCLA congress in Kobe to visit Akagi Trading. DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH and Akagi Trading signed a consultancy agreement.

2001: Start of the import
The first DiaSys products were imported to Japan as OEM.

2006: Establishment of DiaSys Japan K.K. (DJ) in Kobe
DiaSys Japan's focus was on R&D laboratory, marketing and sales promotion. DJ had a booth at JSCLA in Kobe for the first time.

2008: Cooperation with JEOL Ltd. of Tokyo
A cooperation contract was signed with JEOL Ltd. of Tokyo for the BioMajesty and associated reagents.

2010: JSCLA congress in Kobe
DiaSys Japan had a booth at JSCLA in Kobe for the second time. Our booth was set nearby JEOL Ltd. of Tokyo.

2021: 15th anniversary of DiaSys Japan
DiaSys celebrates its 30th anniversary and DiaSys Japan turns 15 at the same time.

When I visited DiaSys in Holzheim for the first time, the facility was exceedingly small. I did not expect the company would grow into such a big global company in the IVD field. Congratulations for the 30th anniversary!