From a garage idea that became the global standard

The story of the company DiaSys begins on a stormy night in 1988 in a pub in Maryfort, Western Ireland. Dr. Manfred Probst and Dr. Günther Gorka were sitting together, drinking orange juice from cartons and discussing their idea of founding a company of their own.

Dr. Manfred Probst and Dr. Günther Gorka with the orange juice carton "Amigo" (expiry date June 1989)

3 years later, the dream of their own company came true. In 1991, a garage in Flacht, Rhineland-Palatinate became the first DiaSys headquarters. Together with Rolf Greiner, Dr. Gorka and Dr. Probst developed liquid stable reagents for the determination of enzymes and substrates in clinical chemistry. This was a sensation because until then liquid stable reagents were not considered feasible in professional circles. A while later, the worldwide distribution of the reagents started in 17 countries.

The Founder's Garage in Flacht, Rhineland-Palatinate. The first liquid stable DiaSys reagent, Gamma GT FS, was developed and launched here. In 1993, the company moved to a larger building in the neighboring village of Holzheim, today's headquarters.

Our long-standing employee Christine Hehner-Marner remembers the early days:

"In those days, there was a great spirit of optimism at DiaSys. The team was small and the atmosphere very familiar. We all worked very closely hand in hand and maintained an open manner. Highly motivated and enthusiastic, we often lost track of time. We often sat together after work to chat a bit and review the day.

From the very beginning, the quality of our products was paramount; then as now, this is the key to our success. Every product was completely handmade from development and production to packaging. Automated filling and labeling equipment like we have today didn't exist back then."

1) Christine Hehner-Marner, shown here on a photo from 1995 in the cold-storage room at the Holzheim site, has been working in the quality control department since April 1993.
2) In the early days of the company, the reagents were filled and labeled by hand.

Within the last 30 years, DiaSys has grown steadily and is now a global acting company with 10 subsidiaries and more than 120 distributors.