Sascha Weckmüller

"I like to take care of the less popular tasks"

DiaSys colleagues take the floor. After all, behind every company's success is the story of an employee. From apprentice to professional - in our interview series, they talk about their way to DiaSys, their daily work, give advice and share what makes them unique.

What do you do at DiaSys and what is your department responsible for?

My name is Sascha Weckmüller and I have been working in the newly created Supply Chain Management (SCM) department since 2015. SCM is the interface between production, purchasing, the order center and all other departments of the company. We are a small department of two people who take care on tasks and projects that would disrupt the day-to-day business in these three departments. This gives us a very broad range of tasks, such as strategic purchasing and communication with our cooperation and subsidiary companies.

On top, there are always projects, like the webshop or the production calendar, which are coordinated by us.

My responsibilities also include the training software, which we use to make regular training courses available to our colleagues. Very convenient in Corona times when face-to-face courses cannot take place.

Since I originally come from production and know all the technical processes, I am also responsible for product transfers. Therefore, I am often on site and accompany the launch of new products. We explain the new standards and provide the necessary technology. This means that we are usually the first point of contact even afterwards, if, for example, something does not work.

How did you come to DiaSys?

I went to a technical high school where you could add on an additional year to become a CTA. After that, I did my civilian service as a paramedic for a year. In the summer of 2003, I started working in the production at DiaSys. At that time, the team consisted of five colleagues. At the end of 2004, I decided to study archaeology in Mainz. During the semester breaks and regularly during the week I continued to work at DiaSys in the approach and thus financed my studies. In 2010, I finished my studies with the master's degree. At that time, I did not want to do a PhD anymore, because there were no jobs in archaeology.

I then applied for the then advertised position as approach manager, which I got. I held this job until 2015. Back in 2012, I was offered the opportunity to study part-time. Therefore, I did my Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering. I was then able to take over the position of supply chain manager in the company. This was followed by further training as a safety specialist. I really enjoy this area of responsibility.

I was once told that I like to take care of the less popular tasks. That is certainly not the worst attribute for this position. I also like to think of myself as “the man for everything”.

What do you value most about your job?

The diversity and the fact that I get around a lot are great. I have many contacts with customers, which have already led to many friendships. It is always exciting because there is no monotonous grind.

What do you associate with DiaSys?

I have been associated with DiaSys since 2003. I appreciate the flat hierarchies and the family atmosphere. Thanks to this, I have become friends with many of my colleagues, so I cannot imagine leaving this company. The flexible working time model and the possibility to work from home are also great. I do not think all companies offer these opportunities to this extent.

What advice would you give to your younger self, but also to a young professional?

Now I could say "don't study archaeology", but that is not true. This particular course of study has given me a lot and I have taken many skills with me. For example, presenting in front of people does not scare me and I also learned structural work during this time. I would probably advise myself to "reconsider". The advice I would give to younger people is "do an apprenticeship first and see if it is the right thing for you. You can still study later".

Would you go your way again?

There are two hearts beating in my chest. On the one hand, I sometimes think to myself, if I had studied chemistry first, and not archaeology, the years during the part-time studies would not have been so exhausting. Nevertheless, I am the sum of my experiences and therefore everything was good the way it was. I do not want to miss a thing; especially archaeology is still a matter of the heart.

What fun fact characterizes you as a person?

I am someone who has everything at right angles on the table. That cannot be normal.


Many thanks Sascha for your time and candor!