IFCC Task Force for Corporate Members

The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine is a global non-political organization to promote clinical chemistry and lab medicine in order to disseminate information on “best practice” at various technological and economic levels. It comprises 88 national societies representing 45,000 laboratory medicine specialists around the world. Representatives from member organizations are volunteers, invited because of their expertise. I would like to make you more aware of the IFCC task force for corporate members.

When I have joined the diagnostic industry 4 years ago, one of my first personal encounters with IFCC members took place during the official inauguration of the IFCC Task Force for Corporate Members in Barcelona in 2019. It immediately caught my attention leading to my application as a corresponding member of this newly formed task force. My participation increased my understanding of IFCC tremendously. As the IFCC represents the largest and most respected federation for laboratory medicine across the globe, As such, I highly encourage each one of you to engage more with IFCC, if given the opportunity to do so.

Our engagement and 22-year association with this federation helps to support, drive and multiply the work of this organization in the field of clinical diagnostics. DiaSys is a full member of IFCC and takes advantage of the content provided by IFCC to spread it within our organization and channels and our employees are involved in several different scientific working groups and the IFCC Task Force for Corporate Members. The essence of IFCC is scientifically based support of clinical diagnostics and the passion of people behind, to improve the patient’s life throughout the world. If you want to know more about the IFCC, please feel free to explore their website and learn more about the Task Force for Corporate Members.

“It is people who make the difference. Leaders like Dr. Jan Gorka from DiaSys, and other members of our task force, that are helping us to drive change for the profession of laboratory medicine”, comments the current chair of the IFCC Task Force for Corporate Members, “being involved brings access, knowledge and a joint vision for the future. Thank you all for what you do to support the IFCC.”

DiaSys: An IFCC Corporate Member. www.ifcc.org