StarDust MC15 at the Olympics 2021 in Tokyo

The national rowing team representing Germany at the Olympic Games in Tokyo has been coached by Dr. biol. hum. Gunnar Treff, University of Ulm, Division Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine. In his function as a sports scientist, he provides methodological training support and advice. In a dramatic race, the German Men's Eight performed exceptionally by winning the the silver medal; the powerful Lightweight Men's Double Sculls performed extremely well, too.

Individual training management is an important part of this supervision because each athlete responds individually to training programs and stimuli, depending on age, training history, ethnicity, gender, and genes. Optimizing the training program includes, among other things, a comprehensive analysis of blood-based parameters.

Two traditionally used variables are creatine kinase (CK-NAC), allowing detection of damage to skeletal muscle, and urea, which, if elevated, indicates increased protein turnover. Meaningful monitoring is only feasible with high precision analysis systems available at the training site so that athletes may be examined immediately after a performance. This is the only way to avoid athletes being overloaded or underloaded. Such laboratory devices ideally work with the smallest amount of blood and are easy to operate.

For almost a year, Dr. Treff has been using the StarDust MC15 semi-automatic photometer from DiaSys in various training camps. Thanks to integrated incubation, automatic mixing and documentation, up to 14 results are available in less than five minutes. According to Dr. Treff, the measurements run "like clockwork"; he is enthusiastic about the speed and precision of the device and the corresponding reagents supplied by DiaSys. In addition, the weight of the StarDust MC15 analyzer allows it to be transported on a plane. Since July 1, 2021, StarDust MC15 has been used for on-site stress monitoring of the German rowing team in Tokyo.

Thanks to its proven reliable use, the device is also attracting interest among other coaches of professional athletes.