2018-06-25: Company sports: Münzlauf Charity run

On Friday, June 22, 2018, “Münzlauf”, a charity run for runners, joggers, and walkers took place for the 16th time in Koblenz. This city is situated where the rivers Rhine and Moselle join up. Approx. 14,500 attendees were part of a spectacular event, followed by many visitors and bystanders. DiaSys was part of it with 33 runners. For the first time, not all of them were staff alone but family members started as well.  Subsequently, a finisher party took place at fine sunny weather. Like in years before, many attendees did not make a big point of the time they achieved when running but put their heart and soul in participating and socializing with their colleagues as one of the main factors of “Münzlauf” is the team building aspect, too. Countdown for 2019 starts now: Newcomers and all those within the worldwide DiaSys group who enjoy sports are welcome, the running or walking distance is 5 kilometers only! We are looking forward to being part of Münzlauf in 2019.