2020-06-24: Corona-Warn-App: Uniting against the Coronavirus

With the Corona-Warn-App, everyone in Germany can help to interrupt chains of infection. It turns your smartphone into a warning system, informing us if we have come into contact with someone who has been infected with the virus. It protects us as well as those around us.

Following a positive test for the virus, the Ministry of Health begins tracing contacts, and this is not done without gaps. After all, infected persons cannot possible name everyone they came near at the supermarket, in the tube or out on a walk. The Corona-Warn-App can help close these gaps, as it recognizes when other people are in our vicinity. It alerts us when it is notified that one of these people has had a positive test. In short, it complements analogue tracing efforts, thereby helping to interrupt chains of infection. It helps keep the pandemic under control.

Based on these reasons DiaSys highly recommends the installation of the Corona Warning App.

Click here to download the app (can only be used within Germany):

App-Store ⇒ (for Apple-User)
Google Play Store ⇒ (for Android-User)