2023-08-01: DiaSys & Mindray - Together for advanced diagnostic solutions

The shareholders of DiaSys Group, with its registered headquarter in Holzheim, community of Diez, have entered into an agreement with the Dutch subsidiary of Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (Mindray), by which Mindray acquires 75% of the shares in DiaSys. This agreement is expected to be consummated later this year, following the completion of further actions and the granting of regulatory approvals.

DiaSys, with its broad range of clinical chemistry systems, its manufacturing capacity for controls and calibrators, and its global network of manufacturing and distribution sites, and Mindray, with its broad range of hematology and immunoassays products, complement each other very well and will together have significantly more market opportunities.

The structure of the DiaSys group with their sales organization as well as the DiaSys brand will be maintained and further strengthened by the new opportunities. All current business relationships will continue, and the DiaSys Group will fulfil its contractual obligations. Through further investments the sites in Germany, India and Brazil will be made fit for the expected additional business and the production of significantly more products. For the employees, there are far-reaching guarantees for the preservation and expansion of jobs. In this respect, both the DiaSys Group and Mindray go into the future strengthened by this agreement.