2020-04-08: How DiaSys faces Covid-19

What initially looked like a regionally limited coronavirus hotspot has rapidly developed into a condition classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) since March 11, 2020. The spread of Covid-19 and the assumption that the number of sick and dead people worldwide will increase in the coming weeks confronts everybody with unprecedented challenges.

In these extraordinary times, the "health" topic is becoming even more central. Fast, reliable diagnoses, trustworthy suppliers and products are in greater demand than ever before or even indispensable.

For almost 30 years, clinical laboratories in more than 100 countries have relied on state-of-the-art reagents and laboratory analyzers made by DiaSys Diagnostic Systems, as well for outpatient diagnostics. As a certified company in the in vitro diagnostic industry, DiaSys supplies its products for diagnosis and monitoring and guarantees healthcare providers worldwide the best possible patient care.

The responsibility, which DiaSys takes very seriously not only towards patients, also extends to all employees of the globally represented group of companies (India, U.S.A., China, Brazil, France) and customers, i.e. distributors. Consequently, DiaSys is now consistently implementing an efficient prevention program developed in response to previous pandemic alerts:

Production is kept up, although supply chains temporarily do not function at full capacity in times of closed borders and country isolation. All employees flexibly contribute to maintaining the functional efficiency (e.g. home office). Regular pandemic committee meetings decide on protective measures and communication within DiaSys group takes place via virtual meetings - not only internally but on a worldwide scale.

DiaSys actively supports customers and employees in overcoming the current immense challenges. Even after the pandemic, DiaSys will continue to be a reliable partner of the global health care systems.