2019-10-21: New Test Total bile acids 21 FS - Reliable Assessment of Liver Function

DiaSys now offers a new, liquid-stable, ready-to-use reagent Total bile acids 21 FS that replaces the current reagent Bile acids (Product code: 1 2212). Serum TBA levels are a sensitive marker of liver function, reflecting hepatic synthesis, secretion and re-absorption. Compared to conventional liver screening tests such as ALT or AST, which indicate acute liver damage, the measurement of total bile acids allows early detection of liver dysfunction. In addition, TBA determination in pregnant women is considered to be the most important biomarker for diagnosis and monitoring of ICP, also known as obstetric cholestasis. The new highly sensitive enzymatic cycling method determines total bile acids in serum. It is characterized by a wide measuring range up to 220 µmol/L (may vary according to specific applications) and shows a very good in-series precision with a CV of ≤ 0.83% at 10 µmol/L (cut-off). Recovery of all diagnostically relevant bile acids shows a target deviation of ≤ 7%.

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