2021-07-23: Solidarity with flood victims

Not only has the pandemic been the dominant issue for the last two years, but the recent floods in the Ahr valley (Rhineland-Palatinate) and neighboring areas have lately added another unexpected and life-threatening situation for many people. We are shocked by the suffering caused by this catastrophe.

As a sign of solidarity with the victims, DiaSys, as employer in the Rhine-Lahn region would like to contribute to relieving the suffering in the affected areas, especially as DiaSys' customers, i.e. medical laboratories and their employees, are as well affected.

Therefore, the management of DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH and DiaSys Deutschland Vertriebs-GmbH donates a total amount of 10,000 euros in equal parts to the account of the community foundation of Volksbank RheinAhrEifel eG. The use of the incoming sums is bound to the repair of flood damage in Rhineland-Palatinate. DiaSys is happy to support essential purchases with the money, which is only a small contribution in view of the need. In addition, DiaSys will be talking to their customers in the affected areas to see which additional support may be provided so that the contribution of laboratory diagnostics to health care will soon be restored.