Importance of preconceptional diabetes control!

Pregnancies in women with known diabetes (type I and II) are associated with high risk. Pregnancy should only be planned when the optimal metabolic conditions are met.

Even before pregnancy, an HbA1c value of < 6.5% should be aimed at, because the risk of early abortion depends on pre-conceptional diabetes control.

Besides, the risk of congenital malformation is linked to the HbA1c value, even before pregnancy and is four times higher than in the average population. Already from an HbA1c value of 6.3% DCCT/NGSP, the risk increases, both in type I and type II diabetics.

The malformations mainly affect the heart and the vessels close by, as well as neural tube defects. Multiple malformations can also occur. A specific diabetes malformation type does not exist.


Springer In|Fo|Diabetologie 2019; 13 (6)