Péter visited our partners in Italy

After more than six months strict home office, I had the chance to visit our valued partners in Italy, namely Servizi Diagnostici (Mr. Carlo Gasparetti on the right) and Futura System Group (Dr. Luigi Contarino on the left), to discuss the running business and see potentials to enlarge it.

As responsible healthcare providers, we are all aware of the safety measures due to COVID-19.

However, it was a pleasure to have face-to-face meetings, even though we were covered by masks. We shared information about the reopening of the IVD market in Italy, as well as new excellent products, such as Procalcitonin FS.

Beyond the business discussions, we had the chance to visit two laboratories to see their operation and have a short conversation with the laboratory staff about their experiences with DiaSys and their needs and wishes. In Laboratory San Felice, Servizi Diagnostici replaced a Hitachi 912 with our new respons® family member respons®940 with ISE.

At Medical Health Center of Colombo, our chemistry flagship, BioMajesty®, is in operation, consuming exceptionally many DiaSys reagents.