After an ultimate ferry and bus trip, everyone reached on time. Every DiagNite has a motto, for this 4.0 edition “Agility and Change” was selected.
The first day was focused on products, and the related training. 7 workshops were organized so that smaller groups could interact with the respective trainers.

The second day was mainly related to business performance and the delivery of the business target. Dr. Gorka concluded this second day reminding us that the word DiagNite originated from iGNITion, wishing therefore everyone to be a sparkle and to create light!
During the afternoon, social time, beach activities and sports were organized, except for the Management who had to attend a meeting and the R&D which underwent a review.

A highlight of the DiagNite is the award ceremony. This event is memorable and as well the certificate as the plaques are a token tribute to the gratitude expressed to the awardees.
This year an exclusive club was created: the DiaSys India Achievers Club, dedicated to the 100% performers, the field colleagues exceeding their target. 17 colleagues could go on stage, first members of the DiaSys India Achievers Club! All these awards were rightfully celebrated until late in the night.

The Saturday is the day reserved for the members of DiaSys India: discussion about the incentives and their objectives.

This DiagNite 4.0 edition had the honor of the presence of a delegation from Holzheim (location of headquarter in Germany) who had the kindness to foster the transversal communication.

After the closing words and the Indian anthem it was time to leave, bus and ferry left again to reach the Gateway of India in Mumbai. DiagNite 4.0 has been a big success, a lot of information, and a great motivation …