DiaSys Laboratory automation system (TLA) solution

The pre-analytical part may consist of a tube loading module, centrifuge(s) and de-capper. Based on a high number of instrument interfaces and robotic modules users in laboratories can configure the tracking line accordingly to individual needs and expectations. Besides the DiaSys BioMajesty®JCA-BM6010/C a large selection of immunoassay-, coagulation- and hematology-analyzers can be connected via bypasses for analytics. For post-analytical purposes a re-capper, a cold storage (up to 13.000 tubes) or tube unloading module (incl. retrieval option for re-testing) are available. The test ordering, sample routing and result management is controlled by a so called instrument manager software which is connected to the laboratory information system (LIS). This concept leads to optimization of processes in the daily routine of IVD laboratories, consolidation of workplaces, reduction of manual work and errors as well as improved turn around time.

BioMajesty® JCA-BM6010/C connected to Thermo Fisher Sample Conveyor