As second generation from one of the founders of DiaSys I was able to observe the outstanding development of DiaSys by parallel evolution of myself. Now after studying Pharmaceutical sciences and doing my PhD in Protein Sciences (Proteomics) I was able to gain further experiences in the pharmaceutical industry. With a strong background in Quality Control and Quality Assurance I decided to join the DiaSys Group and become a member of the DiaSys family. For me „Choosing Quality“ also means Choosing DiaSys!

Since October 2017 I took the chance to get to know DiaSys better by looking deeply into several departments and talking to many different people here in the headquarters in Holzheim, Germany. This process will still take some time and I will also include all of our subsidiaries and partnerships throughout the world.

Although the actual burden is high with new hurdles from multiple sides, just naming the new IVD regulations in Europe as one of the most prominent challenges of today. But also technological changes as digitalization which are obvious today and even some strange trade wars which could materialize soon. The great team of DiaSys will take all necessary efforts to be able to serve all our customer needs and go together in a challenging but promising future.

I am very happy to share the future with all of you.