Issue 2019/01
Feb, 2019
Dear Distributors, Partners and Friends,
The only constant in business and in life is change. However, change does not necessarily mean that continuity will not be given in the future.
When change means that new products can be offered to the market, when change means that existing products can be improved to meet new market requirements and when change means that new business opportunities can be realized, then change is always considered as positive to all of us in the IVD business.

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Bertrand de Castelnau Leaves DiaSys
5 years of passion for DiaSys, 5 years of commitment, 5 years of accumulated knowledge and friendship …
DiaSys has an amazing market position with a great reputation, DiaSys has an outstanding pipeline therefore a bright future. 
DiaSys has a unique culture, introduced and continued by its founder.

I leave with a crying eye due to personal reasons but I will keep DiaSys in my heart. In particular, let‘s always remember who was the gold medal winner in high jump at the Mexican Olympics: thinking out of the box, hard work and perseverance but also resilience. I sincerely believe it can be found in the genes of DiaSys!
The future is positive for DiaSys, thinking positively, walking the extra mile and reinventing itself.
Once DiaSys, always DiaSys.

Bertrand de Castelnau
Introduction of Dr. Jan Gorka as New CEO of DiaSys
We are glad to announce that Dr. Jan Gorka has become the new member of DiaSys’ Executive Board from January 24th, 2019 on.

Dr. Jan Gorka is a pharmacist; he studied at the University of Mainz, Germany with a doctor’s degree in analytical chemistry. The focus of his research during his doctorate at the University of Frankfurt, Germany was the identification and quantitation of proteins and peptides by HPLC and mass spectrometry (Proteomics).

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Happy Birthday Dr. Gorka
70 years young and still on board. On January 24th 2019 Dr. Günther Gorka, CEO and one of the founders of DiaSys, celebrated his birthday with the whole company.

The entire DiaSys family warmly congratulates and wishes him all the best!
Introduction of DiaServe as Member of the DiaSys Group Since 2016
DiaServe Laboratories GmbH is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of customized IVD controls and calibrators based on human sera. In constant cooperation with renowned institutes we use the most up-to-date research findings in order to develop our products and services, continuously.

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5th DiagNite
DiagNite is the yearly opportunity for the entire DiaSys India team to get together, this year the 5th edition took place! 169 colleagues gathered to meet on Thursday 11th of October.

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Training of Indian Colleagues
From 26th to 28th of November Abilash Vijay (Head of Technical Service Manager, Training, Refurbishment and Assembly), Avijit Mitra (Regional Service Manager based in Kolkotta) and Moncy Prabhakaran (Regional Service Manager based in Delhi) from DiaSys India visited our Training and Service Center for a special respons®910 training.

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Donation of DiaSys
We have high demands concerning the development and manufacturing of our products, these special demands apply also for our responsibility as a company. We believe that good things can be done by our action. Therefore it is of high importance to us to support institutions as the children hospice Baerenherz in Wiesbaden.

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Update on the Implementation of New In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR)
Since January 2018 a project team consisting of 7 project groups is working on the implementation of the new requirements at DiaSys. Now, after a year let us take a look back what has happened.

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DiaSys’ Distributors Now on DiaSys Website
You’re interested in our products or need further information? Just get in touch with

You’re located somewhere around the world and want to receive DiaSys products? Just take a look at our website and find the distributor who is responsible for your country. Contact members of the DiaSys group and distributors via

The DiaSys group and our trustable distributors nearly cover the entire world. If you can’t find a distributor for your country please don’t hesitate to contact us directly
 DiaSys: A Pioneer in the Diagnosis of Kidney Disease
We addressed the indispensable value of cystatin C (CysC) and its clear superiority compared to creatinine in the fight against the global burden of kidney diseases in previous DiaLog editions.

In DiaLog edition 53/2017 we were proud to announce that Bargnoux and co-workers demonstrated in a multicenter study that DiaSys’ Cystatin C FS had by far the best performance among all tested immunoturbidimetric assays in serum¹. Besides DiaSys, just a nephelometric assay from Siemens was able to achieve a similar performance.

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World Kidney Day
World Kidney Day is on 14th of March 2019!
Please visit the official website of this joint initiative to learn more about this global awareness campaign and kidney function:
 Lipoprotein (a) Included in New AHA/ACC Guideline on the Management of Blood Cholesterol
In November 2018, the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) announced the new US guideline on management of blood cholesterol. The guideline provides new and consistent evidence-based recommendations for cholesterol-lowering comprising lifestyle interventions, risk assessment scores/calculators, and management of specific patient populations.

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Increased First Trimester HbA1c Predicts Gestational Diabetes
Since its widespread introduction into routine clinical practice nearly two decades ago, hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) has become an essential parameter for diagnosis and management of diabetes mellitus. HbA1c reflects the average blood glucose levels over the previous three months, based on the amount of glucose accumulated on erythrocytes’ surface.

Diabetes in pregnant women is associated with an increased risk for maternal and neonatal morbidity and remains a medical challenge. Complications range from an increased risk for Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular disease later in life in mothers to an increased risk for developing macrosomia and obesity in offspring.

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 Promotional Material
DiaSys Participates at LabMed Forum of MEDICA 2018
The world’s largest medical exhibition MEDICA is as every year a popular venue for industry and associations of the branch. This year DiaSys was a part of the community booth Rhineland-Palatinate, with focus on our new product respons®940. Many customers and partners visited our booth and several new contacts were established to politics and decision makers.

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Participation at Lp(a) Update 2018 in Kassel (Germany)
Two DiaSys employees took part in the Lp(a) Update 2018 conference in Kassel as training. The event serves as discussion platform for scientists, experts and interested professionals who want to inform themselves about the risk factor lipoprotein (a) as well as current data on analytics, diagnostics, performance and efficiency of therapeutic options.

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LABComplEX Kiev
DiaSys approved its presence in the Ukrainian market by participating at the international exhibition for lab equipment “LabComplEX” from 17th to 19th of October 2018 in Kiev. About 1500 attendees including lab physicians, medical physicians and other representatives of medical institutions, were able to learn more about new developments in laboratory medicine.

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Choosing Quality in Singapore
Dr. Günther Gorka, Mr. Günther Jans, Mr. Chee Kian Teo, Dr. Sebastian Runkel and Dr. Bayram Cucu participated at the Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Chemistry Marketing Workshop and Scientific Training from 14th to16th January in Singapore.

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Choosing Quality in Philippines
Dr. Bayram Cucu (Global Strategic Product Manager) and Mr. Chee Kian Teo (Area Business Director APAC) were delighted to visit two of our valued customers in Philippines after the above mentioned Sysmex workshop. The objective of our attendance was to enhance cooperation and strengthen product know-how as well as familiarization of the staff with DiaSys products.

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DiaSys at Medlab 2019
February 04 – 07, 2019

Dubai World Trade Centre Medlab

Booth No. D29, hall Z4
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