DiaSys Lipid Clearing System

Lipemic samples are cause of analytical errors and present challenges for laboratories. 10% of all serum or plasma samples are lipemic, turbidity gets visual at a triglyceride concentration > 300 mg/dL.

Lipid induced interferences can originate naturally in patient samples as a result of health-related factors e.g. nutrition, obesity, dietary, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, alcohol abuse, liver disease and pancreatitis. Furthermore, lipemia can originate as well from lipid emulsions used for nutritional need in critically ill patients such as newborns and surgical patients.

Sample turbidity from lipemia significantly affects photometric assays due to increased light scatter and absorption of the light by lipids (mainly chylomicrons and very low density lipoproteins). No blanking method can overcome all the interferences caused by lipemia.

Unlike other interferences, lipemia can be removed and measurement can be done in a clear sample. DiaSys has developed a “Lipid Clearing System (LCS)” which clears turbidity in the sample in a first reaction step before measurement is performed. The Lipid Clearing System increases freedom of interference tremendously, in many cases up to a trigylceride concentration of 2000 mg/dL.

DiaSys reagents containing a Lipid Clearing System:

Albumin in Urine/CSF FS

Apolipoprotein A1 FS

Apolipoprotein B FS

Bilirubin Auto Total FS

Calcium AS FS

Calcium P FS

Chloride 21 FS

Cholesterol FS

Complement C3c FS

Complement C4 FS

Creatinine PAP FS


CRP U-hs

Cystatin C FS

Ethanol FS

ß-Hydroxybutyrate 21 FS

ß-Hydroxybutyrate FS


Immunoglobulin A FS

Immunoglobulin G FS

Immunoglobulin M FS

Iron FS Ferene

Lactate FS

Lipase DC FS

Lp(a) 21 FS


Magnesium XL FS


Phosphate FS

Potassium FS

Prealbumin FS

Transferrin FS

Triglycerides FS 5’ and 10’



Using DiaSys reagents including Lipid Clearing System assures correct results unaffected by lipid interference.

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