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August, 2020
Dear customers, dear friends,
What a time! SARS CoV-2 has changed the world how we knew it! I have the feeling the first wave has never been ended in some countries. Are we going to have a second wave or even more waves? – We don´t know. We are only sure about one thing: we are not sure now how and how deep the virus's influence is and will be on us, on the economy and on our way of life!

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DiaSys is Corresponding Member of the IFCC Task Force on COVID-19
Since June 3, 2020, DiaSys is part of the IFCC Task Force on COVID-19 and makes another important contribution to the active containment and combat of coronavirus.

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 DiaSys Parameters in COVID-19 Monitoring
IFCC Information Guide gives advice on recommended tests in patients with COVID-19, shows the most important laboratory anomalies and their possible clinical indications.

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 Procalcitonin measurement in COVID-19
Recent studies focusing on viral SARS-CoV-2 infections report the increase of PCT in severe cases of COVID-19, even predicting worse outcome.

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 Total Bilirubin – Part of COVID-19 Management
Continuous monitoring of liver parameters, such as total bilirubin is advised for prognostication purposes in COVID-19 patients.

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 Ferritin – Part of COVID-19 Management
The IFCC recommends monitoring of serum ferritin levels for COVID-19 management because increased concentrations can also be suggestive of severe inflammation.

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 CRP – Part of COVID-19 Management
Studies in COVID-19 patients have shown that CRP levels directly correlate with disease severity and progression.

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 More interesting articles about COVID-19 monitoring
On our new Blog, we provide more articles about DiaSys parameters in COVID-19 monitoring, like D-Dimer, Albumin and more, as well as summaries of the latest research findings on COVID-19. New articles are published regularly.

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