Everything in laboratory depends on only one drop of water

DiaSys osmoser, the O mini is utilizing the combination of 4 different purification methods in 3 integrated steps in order to provide the best quality water for laboratory testing procedure. Such as: pre filtration (including micro filtration and activated carbon) followed by reverse osmosis and finalizing with ions exchanges, as presented in the table below.

Osmosers from DiaSys

This complex purification procedure in resulting high quality laboratory water, free of Ions, Organics, Particles and Bacteria. Due to the fact that the respons®920 is equipped with de-gasser the system water which is used for laboratory testing on the respons®920 is free of Gases too. The O mini is adapted for respons®920 with the addition of the auto-filling system kit designed especially for respons®920 avoid manual refilling of DI-water tank of the system.

Power tension 230 volts ~ / 50 Hz.
Production flow at 25°C 15 liters/hour
Production flow at 10°C 9 liters/hour
Resins type Resins with mixed beds
Resins volume 0.75 liters
Maximum supply water temperature 38°C
Maximum hardness without protection 40 °f de TH
Admissible pH 3 à 11
Mini/maxi supply pressure 2/6 bars
Dimensions (lxhxprf) 42x39x43 cm
Indicative weight 13.5 kg
Accessories provided 1 pressurized storage tank of 12 liters`gross.
1 calibrated conductimeter "HANNA"
1 filters spanner
pipe 1/4"
Change of fuses
1 technical manual