QDx Allerg™

QDx Allerg™ – Point of Care Allergy testing

  • Test for more than 20 Allergen specific IgE antibodies
  • Only 100 µL whole blood required
  • All necessary components in the kit

QDx Allerg™ is a Point of Care rapid screening semi-quantitative test for testing inhalant and food (veg and non-veg) allergies. The QDx Allerg™ is a multilevel ELISA rapid test technique and is the ideal tool for the qualitative diagnosis of allergic sensitizations in patients with different clinical symptoms. The QDx Allerg™ test covers some of the most prevalent allergies, inhalation and food worldwide. QDx Allerg® is ideal for healthcare professionals to screen their patients for allergies during consultation. QDx Allerg® has a good correlation to established laboratory tests for clinically relevant allergy conditions.

  • Requires 2 drops of capillary blood (100 μL) from fingertip or earlobe (venous blood or serum/plasma can also be used).
  • Results in 30 minutes – readable with the naked eye.
  • No instruments required.
  • Kit comes with all necessary equipment – including lancet, blood collection capillary, test device and reagents.
  • Comprehensive in vitro testing for more than 20 allergen specific IgE antibodies (including mixes) simultaneously.
  • Test for food and inhalant allergies – different panels available.

Pack size: Single panel
Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacturing

QDx Allerg™ Video