QDx Vit. D®

  • Unique, patented test strip for 25-OH vitamin D
  • Immediate results for decisions on the spot
  • From one single drop of whole blood

Unique rapid test

QDx Vit. D® is the only test strip for determination of vitamin D from whole blood. The test delivers a qualitative result from a finger prick sample of 20 µL within 10 minutes. The lateral flow assay measures 25-hydroxyvitamin D using a competitive enzyme immunoassay principle based on a monoclonal antibody specific for vitamin D. The accuracy was evaluated against an established laboratory method showing good agreement.

Vitamin D deficiency is quite widespread; awareness and, therefore, the demand for vitamin D supplements is growing day by day. QDx Vit. D® helps the physician understand the vitamin D levels of the patient on the spot – for immediate decision and treatment. The QDx Vit. D® kit formats are a 25 test kit along with the sample collection devices and three bottles of buffer solution for the 25 tests and a 10 test monotest kit with individual sample collection devices and buffer bottles for each test. 

(QDx Vit. D® is not available in Turkey and the Philippines)