Alkaline phosphatase FS DGKC

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Alkaline phosphatase FS DGKC is an enzymatic test to determine alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity in human serum and plasma. Physiological increases of AP activity occur during bone growth in childhood or pregnancy. Pathological AP activity increase is strongly associated with various hepatobiliary and bone diseases, e.g. cholestasis, infectious hepatitis, Paget’s disease or osteomalacia etc.

  • Enzymatic test based on DGKC method
  • Wide measuring range from 3 U/L to 4500 U/L
  • Minimized interferences and excellent precision
KitsMulti-purpose, Selectra, System kits
Calibrator(s)TruCal U
Control(s)TruLab N, TruLab P


Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets