Phosphate FS

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Phosphate FS is a photometric test to determine phosphate in serum and plasma. Increased concentrations are found in renal failure, hypoparathyroidism and due to loss of calcium phosphate of bones and cells. Decreased values occur in malabsorption, hyperparathyroidism and vitamin D deficiency. 

  • Photometric UV test with endpoint determination
  • Wide measuring range from 0.2 – 30 mg/dL
  • Traceable to the reference material NIST-SRM 723
KitsBioMajesty®, Multi-purpose, respons®, Sysmex BX, System kits
Calibrator(s)TruCal U
Control(s)TruLab N, TruLab P, TruLab Urine
StandardPhosphate Standard FS


Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets