Total protein FS

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Total Protein FS is a photometric test to determine total protein in human serum or plasma. Decreased concentrations of total protein may occur due to an impaired hepatic protein synthesis, protein loss resulting from a defective kidney function, intestinal malabsorption or nutritional deficiency. Elevated total protein levels are found in chronic inflammatory disorders, liver cirrhosis and dehydration.

  • Photometric test according to biuret method
  • Wide measuring range from 0.05 g/dL to 14 g/dL
  • Excellent precision
KitsBioMajesty®, Multi-purpose, respons®, Sysmex BX, System kits
Calibrator(s)TruCal U
Control(s)TruLab N, TruLab P
StandardTotal protein Standard FS


Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets