Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs

Our Quality Policy

Our business activities are at all times regulated and defined by the desires and requirements of our customers.

We develop, produce and sell high-quality, environmentally-friendly and application-safe in-vitro diagnostics, reagents and systems of state-of-the-art technology and  we provide services, as expected by our customers,  at competitive prices. We feel particularly obliged to handle our natural resources gently and to process our business activities on a long-lasting basis.

Whichever of our business ventures is concerned, continuous quality, reliability and service rank first. With all their capabilities and skills, our staff members are contributing to achieve this aim; they are trained and supported to be able to meet these requirements and to correctly apply the quality management system any time.

Customer surveys ascertain customer satisfaction with the quality of our products, processes and services. We want to avoid faults instead of correcting them and we are continuously improving our products and services, our processes and our operative quality management system.

Our quality policy is also implemented in our affiliated companies to an appropriate extent.