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DiaSys Diagnostic Systems is a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic system solutions of highest quality, trusted by customers in more than 100 countries for over 20 years. Our product portfolio comprises more than 90 clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetric reagents for routine and special diagnostics including suitable calibrators and controls. The DiaSys instrumentation product range covers automated clinical chemistry analyzers, semi-automated analyzers and POC instruments for patient-near testing.


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Availability of a new enzymatic HbA1c test

DiaSys offers HbA1c net FS as a new enzymatic test with outstanding specificity and excellent precision, setting new standards for accuracy. HbA1c net FS is a  liquid-stable and ready-to-use reagent with a wide measuring range from 20 to 150 mmol/mol IFCC (4-6% DCCT/NGSP) as well as excellent on-board and calibration stability of up to 6 weeks. This new enzymatic test is standardized against the IFCC reference method and traceable according to DCCT/NGSP. Interferences from a variety of hemoglobin variants as HbS, HbC, HbD, HbE, or HbF are excluded. This test simplifies operations and increases throughput because it requires less reaction steps than other methods. For further infomation please visit our microsite concerning HbA1c net FS.

QDx® Urinalysis

DiaSys has and offers 3 different test strips and an automatic reader. The 3 different test strips are QDx® Urine DS 10 (10 parameters), QDx® Urine DS 11 MAU (11 parameters including microalbumin) and QDx® Urine DS 4 MAU (4 parameters including microalbumin. They can be used manually and the QDx® Urine DS 10 and QDx® Urine DS 11 MAU can also be used on our automatic reader, the Urilyzer DS 100 which is capable of measuring up to 120 strips per hour. Urinalysis by using urine test strips is performed in most hospital laboratories, clinics and Doctors offices. The testing is robust and relatively inexpensive and giving a quick turnaround time from testing to results. For further information please visit our pages concerning QDx POCT.

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BioMajesty® JCA-BM6010/C - Efficient. Secure. Precise

The BioMajesty® JCA-BM6010/C is designed to increase the performance of medium-sized laboratories. It is also the ideal system for speciality laboratories. The throughput of up to 1.200 tests/hour, 43 reagent and 84 sample positions are guarantee for the flexibility in everyday use. It handles a full menue of photometric and immunoturbidimetric assays as well as Na, K, Cl determination by indirect ISE methods.

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