Change of lid colors for calibrators and controls

DiaSys will introduce new lid colors for the vials of calibrators and controls to avoid possible risks of mixing up the vials when in use. It is important to know that only the lid color will change; other properties will remain unchanged in their appearance and quality. The general uniform color concept is depicted below. DiaSys expects improving identification and recognition by this clear color standardisation.

Calibrator set

Calibrator level 0 orange
Calibrator level 1 blue
Calibrator level 2 yellow
Calibrator level 3 white
Calibrator level 4 green
Calibrator level 5 red


Control level 1 or ”N-normal“ blue
Control level 2 or “P-pathological“ yellow

Lid colors for TruCal Lp(a), TruLab Lp(a), TruLab Urine Level 1 and 2, TruCal D-Dimer and TruLab D-Dimer remain unchanged.

The changeover to the new color concept will begin in the 1st quarter of 2022. During a transitional period, both the old and the new color system will be available, as existing stocks of calibrators and controls with the old color concept have to be sold off.

As this new lid color concept might create registration or similar inconvenience at your end, we ask you to check the regulatory requirements associated with the changeover as soon as possible.