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respons®940 is an automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer and offers a constant throughput of minimum 400 tests/h, independently whether a mono- or two component reagent is used. Including the optionally available ISE module with additional 240 test/h the total throughout increases to 640 tests/h.


Together with modern software features, pre-programmed applications and carry over evasion lists, respons®940 analyzer delivers high quality results for a broad parameter portfolio.
Due to durable hard glass cuvettes, low reaction volume and maintenance free photometer, this analyzer offers the economic use and reliability required in small to medium sized labs.

System type Automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer
Throughput 400 tests/hour photometric; 640 tests/hour photometric + ISE
Reagent on board capacity Max. 72 reagent positions (R1+R2), up to 36 methods in barcoded respons® mono or twin containers for adapter free one grip loading
Analytical methods 1-point, 2-point Rate-A, Rate-B, direct potentiometric ISE, Cubic spline, 4P logitlog, 5P logitlog
Calibration Linear (one point, multi point), exponential, polynomial, factor
Measuring principle Colorimetry (rate/end point), Immunoturbidimetry
Ion measurement Direct potentiometry: Na, K, Cl, Li
Sample disk 80 positions for sample, blanks, standards, calibrators, controls and STAT samples
Sample pipetting 2-70 µL (adjustable in 0.1 µL steps). Clot detection for sample probe
Serum indices Detection of lipemic, icteric and hemolytic samples
STAT analytics Several flexible positions
Sample tubes & cups Primary tubes of 5, 7 & 10 mL and sample cups
Barcode identification For samples and reagents
Reagent pipetting Reagent 1: 50-300 µL in 1 µL steps. 10-300 µL in 1 µL steps
Mixing systems 2 independent stirrers with 3 mixing speeds
Reading volume 180 µL
Quality control Levy Jennings graphs, Westgard rules and Twin Plot Management for 4 level of controls
Utility programs Carry over evasion, cuvette skipping, different washing programs
Photometry 12 wavelengts: 340, 376, 415, 450, 480, 505, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700 and 750 nm. Wavelenghts separation by diffraction grating, twin-test functionality
Photometric linearity and resolution Linearity: 0-3.0 OD. Resolution: 0.0001 OD
Light source Halogen lamp 12 V/20 Watts
LIS connectivity Yes
Water consumption <13 liters per hour
System interface Analyzer PC: USB 2.0 bi-directional for Pentium IV or higher, PC interface
Power source/Power consumption AC 110V +/-10 %, 60 +/- 1 Hz or 220V +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/- 1Hz - switchable 800 VA
Dimensions 91 cm (W) x 78 cm (D) x 116 cm (H)
Weight Approximately 200 kg