BioMajesty® JCA-BM6010/C

The BioMajesty® JCA-BM6010/C is designed to increase the performance of medium-sized laboratories. It is also the ideal system for speciality laboratories. The throughput of up to 1.200 tests/hour, 45 reagent and 84 sample positions are guarantee for the flexibility in everyday use. It handles a full menue of photometric and immunoturbidimetric assays as well as Na, K, Cl determination by indirect ISE methods.

Optimized workflows

Special emphasis has been spent on the software to combine highest user friendliness with optimally secured results. A special feature is the integrated on-board hemolysis function for optimized HbA1c determination. Dynamic range extension makes additional dilutions superfluous and a dedicated STAT port allows for immediate STAT processing. Clot detection and liquid level sensor technology ensures confidence in results.

Patient friendly

The analyzer works with very small sample volumes, making it the perfect instrument in pediatric and geriatric settings.


The BioMajesty® JCA-BM6010/C is a system with one of the smallest footprint in its class hence saving precious laboratory space. DiaSys supplies ready-to-use reagents well known for their excellent on-board stability with the instrument. The result in conjunction with extremely low reagent consumption is cost efficiency on the highest order.

System type Floor stand random access clinical chemistry analyzer
Total throughput 1200 tests/hour
Sample tray STT 84 positions for routine and priority samples with built-in barcode reader
Refrigerated sample tray CTT 61 positions for controls and calibrators
Sample types Serum, plasma, CSF, urine, whole blood
Reagent trays Two refrigerated trays with 45 positions each for reagent containers with built-in barcode reader
Sample dispensing volume 1-25 µL (0.1 µL step)
Reagent pipetting 5 to 300 µL
STAT-analytics STAT port enables easy STAT sample determination
Photometry throughput 800 tests/hour
ISE throughput (Na, K, CI) 600 tests/hour
Sample throughput rate Maximum 800 samples/hour
Measuring principle Colorimetry (Rate/End Point); Turbidimetric Immunoassay; ISE: simultaneous measurement of Na, K, CI
Barcode identification Automatic barcode scan for reagents, samples and STAT samples
Calibration Linear, non-linear, multi point
Sample tubes/cups Most commonly used blood collection tubes and sample cups
Sample dilution Dilution ratio: 2 to 300 times
Sensors Liquid-level sensor, clot sensor and crash sensor
Reagent dispensing method 2 probe system capable to dispense 3 reagent components
Reagent tray standard setting Total 45 containers per tray with 40 mL
Reagent container capacity 20, 40 and 70 mL with special adapters for 20 mL containers
Reaction disk Rotating reaction carousel with turntable and 231 reusable plastic cuvettes
Reaction times and temperature 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 minutes at 37 ± 0.1 °C; Extended reaction time: 21 or 31 minutes
Reflex testing capability Yes
Photometry 14 wavelengths: 340, 410, 451, 478, 505, 545, 571, 596, 658, 694, 751, 805, 845, 884 nm
Automatic maintenance Automatic startup and shutdown by weekly timer
Required pure water 20 Liter/hour; water purity: ≤ 1 ps/cm
Ambient temperature/humidity Temperature: 18 °C to 30 °C/humidity: 40 % to 70 %
Power supply AC 220 V +10 %, 50/60 Hz; 2.6 kVA
Dimensions 122 cm (W) x 85 cm (D) x 110.8 cm (H)
Weight Approximately 450 kg

DiaSys TLA solution

The DiaSys total Laboratory automation system (TLA) is an open, flexible and tailor-made solution for pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical work. The pre-analytical part may consist of a tube loading module, centrifuge(s) and de-capper. Based on a high number of instrument interfaces and robotic modules users in laboratories can configure the tracking line accordingly to individual needs and expectations. Besides the DiaSys BioMajesty® JCA-BM6010/C a large selection of immunoassay- coagulation- and hematology-analyzers can be connected via bypasses for analytics. For post-analytical purposes a re-capper, a cold storage (up to 13.000 tubes) or tube unloading module (incl. retrieval option for re-testing) are available. The test ordering, sample routing and result management is controlled by a so called instrument manager software which is connected to the laboratory information system (LIS) This concept leads to optimization of processes in the daily routine of IVD laboratories, consolidation of workplaces, reduction of manual work and errors as well as improved turn around time.