RIELE Photometer 505

DiaSys reagents and RIELE Photometer 505 – A symbiosis of quality

The Photometer 505, developed by ROBERT RIELE GmbH & Co. KG for DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH, is sold exclusively to DiaSys partners. Together with the excellent and reliable reagents from DiaSys, the Photometer 505 is a solution for small laboratories or as a backup system for mid-size laboratories for precise and trustable patient results. 

The Photometer 505 offers a wide range of possible measurement methods and calculation options. It is delivered with a selection of pre-programmed applications for DiaSys reagents and offers the possibility to programm a total of more than 200 additional methods.

The adjustment of the wavelengths is done automatically via a filter wheel with six pre-installed filters. Three additional positions can be equipped with further filters.

The fluidic system works with a precise peristaltic pump and allows measurements with small volumes starting from 250 µL up to 2000 µL. The reagents are measured in a high quality 32 µL flowcell.

Up to 1000 results are stored internally and can be printed with the integrated thermal printer or send to a PC via serial RS232 port.

Ordering, delivery and technical support for the Photometer are handled directly by RIELE.

Type Semi-automatic, single beam filter photometer
Light source LED
Wavelengths 340 nm – 660 nm
Wavelength selection Automatic via 9 position filter wheel: 6 standard interference filters: 340 nm, 405 nm, 500 nm, 546 nm, 578 nm and 660 nm (all +/- 4 nm); 3 positions for optional filters of choice
Photometric range 0 – 3.0 A
Cuvette system Micro flow cell: 32 µL, 10 mm light path replaceable with normal standard cuvettes (macro or semi-micro, disposable or special optical glass)
Temperature control Advanced peltier system to maintain constant temperature at 37 °C (+/- 0,2°C)
Aspiration system Peristaltic pump driven by stepper motor, programmable aspiration volume from 250 µL up to 2000 µL
Operator interface Touchscreen
Data output • Thermal printer, 24 characters per line • Serial RS232 port for data export
Languages English, French, German, Indonesia, Russian, Spanish, Polish
Data logging Up to 1000 results
Measurement • Absorbance • End point with factor, standard or multiple standards, with or without reagent blank and / or sample blank
Quality control Up to 50 methods can be controlled with two control serums, Levey Jennings plot
Measuring timer • Kinetic: variable from 3-19 deltas, time per delta 3 s – 255 s • Fixed time: variable from 0 s - 1800 s
Delay time Programmable from 0 s – 1800 s
Dimensions 29 cm (W) x 20 cm (D) x 12 cm (H)
Weight 2.4 kg