Choosing Quality Diagnostics

DiaSys Diagnostic Systems emerged as pioneer in the field of liquid stable reagents and has developed to an established provider of diagnostic solutions for the clinical laboratory. DiaSys develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic systems of superior quality. Laboratories, hospitals, and physicians in more than 140 countries rely on DiaSys products and services for the well-being of their patients.

Since its foundation in 1991, the independent company has introduced more than ninety liquid-stable reagents for routine and special diagnostics completed by calibrators and controls.  The instrumentation portfolio comprises partially and fully automated analyzers for small and medium-sized laboratories. Additionally,  DiaSys provides devices and rapid tests for the point of care.

Permanent update of quality products and processes and tailor-made solutions along with strong customer support maintain and extend DiaSys’ position as top quality supplier. In order to be close to the customer, DiaSys is continuously extending its global sales and support network; discover DiaSys’ activities all over the world.