POCT - Closer to patients

The many advantages of point-of-care testing (POCT) like immediate available results for prompt therapeutic decision, shortened in-patient stays, reduction in the number of clinical visits etc. has led to the increased use of POCT devices in hospitals, ambulances and general practitioner practices.

DiaSys offers various POCT systems for the analysis of clinical parameters that work with liquid-stable, ready-to-use reagents (InnovaStar®) or use biosensors (SensoStar).


InnovaStar® is an automated analyzer combining POCT convenience with laboratory precision. It measures up to 4 tests (glucose, hemoglobin, HbA1c, CRP) from one sample.

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The SensoStar analyzers measure glucose and lactate with maintenance free biosensors. The SensoStar GLH six measures additionally hemoglobin photometrically.

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