Quality management and regulatory affairs

Since 1996, DiaSys GmbH has been certified according international quality management standard. The certification and annual monitoring audits are performed by the TÜV-Rheinland. Certificates are available in German and English.

Quality Policy

We strive to more than fulfill the expectations of our customers in terms of product quality and professionalism of our services

Our daily activities are determined by the requests and needs of our partners, distributors, users and patients for high quality and reliably applicable in vitro diagnostics and service. Customer satisfaction analysis regarding the quality of our products, processes and services helps us to improve those.

Employees are a mainstay of our group

We challenge our personnel with all their skills and abilities and encourage a culture of good cooperation. They are trained and supported accordingly, to meet our high quality standards. We encourage our employees, to solve tasks independently and to improve processes; therefore, they are authorized with necessary responsibility and competence. In order to ensure employee satisfaction, human resources department has fixed measures for health management measures as an integral part along with other aspects.

Improvement, development and innovation influence our future

We develop, produce and distribute state-of-the-art and safe high quality in-vitro diagnostics, reagents and systems and provide services expected by the customer from us at competitive prices. With the help of market analysis, we want to serve the market with innovative and desired products.

We maintain an effective quality management system

Both the management and all employees are responsible for maintaining and continuously improving our Quality Management System (QMS) at DiaSys and its affiliated subsidiaries. We use quality management not only to improve process quality, our service and products, but as well to lead the company economically and safely into the future. Targeted risk management enables us to understand risks and to manage them in systematically. Should any deviations occur, we take effective measures to understand and eliminate the cause.

We care for making responsible use of natural resources to protect the environment

We are particularly committed to the careful use of natural resources and a sustainable approach within all our business activities. Our environmental objectives comprise continuous improvement of ecologically friendly production processes as well as reduction of disposal waste.

Our quality management system comprises compliance with all laws, regulations and policy guidelines as well as contractual obligations and voluntary commitments

The business conduct of DiaSys complies with the due diligence of a responsible businessman recognized in Germany. The criminal law applicable to German companies, in particular the ban on corruption, money laundering and bribery, is adhered to. As a German exporter or transporter, DiaSys confirms the knowledge, application and compliance with German and European customs and foreign trade legislation. This includes all embargo provisions DiaSys is subject to. Furthermore, we actively pursue and assess legal developments and ensure compliance in this respect

This quality policy is as well implemented in DiaSys’ affiliated companies according to their areas of responsibility.