Dear customers, dear friends,

This DiaLog edition has a clear focus: 30 years of innovation!
All topics emphasize DiaSys commitment to new initiatives: Release of Procalcitonin FS and HDL-c direct FS in 2020; launch of SARS CoV-2 UTAB FS antibody test, LDL-c direct FS, and CE marking of our rapid assays for SARS CoV-2 testing in 2021.

DiaSys memberships in IFCC working groups and task forces is featured - last but not least the innovation prize for developing a particle enhanced PCT assay accentuates DiaSys focus on innovation. Let us cooperate to bring the benefit of all these state-of-the- art products to our customers and finally to the patients for improved lab results!

In addition, the implementation of the new European IVDR in May 2022 needs the bundling of many resources and asks for your support, too. The rules become much tighter and comprehensive and the cooperation between you, our customers and DiaSys might need revised agreements and closer collaboration for which we ask for your understanding.

DiaSys, like most other manufacturers, have solicited the support of parliamentarians of all levels (state, federal and European) for a moratorium, i.e. to prolong the implementation for a whole year and we anticipate a positive outcome.

Our hope is as well that defeating COVID-19 will be a fast progress. We provide diagnostic tools in this context – please use them!

Thank you for your confidence throughout all these years – please stay healthy!

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Guenther Gorka