During my latest field visit in Kazakhstan (11th – 16th December 2023) at our valued partner, Ordamed, I had the privilege to participate in the National Medical Summit and celebrate Mr Yerkin Turmukhambetovich Dlimbetov, Founder and Chairman at Ordamed, who received the highest award in the medical industry: “Altyn Shipager”.

Ordamed represented by Mr. Dlimbetov is the first medical and diagnostic company who has received this honor, as since today, only pharma companies have received this recognition.

This shows the professionalism and commitment of all Ordamed employees to develop the medical industry and to improve patient care in Kazakhstan. The award had a special significance as it was presented on the eve of Independence Day.

It is a great pleasure for DiaSys to be part of such appreciation as a supplier! Congratulation to Yerkin for his high ranked award.

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Mr. Dudnik Vyacheslav, Vice Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (left) hands over the prize to Mr. Yerkin T. Dlimbetov