30 years of facility expansion

The success story of the owner-managed company DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH started in April 1991 by introducing liquid-stable laboratory reagents. The small pioneer team working with Dr. Günther Gorka, Dr. Manfred Probst and Rolf Greiner began to produce ready-to-use product novelties in garage of 100 m2 in Flacht; with immediate huge success in the diagnostics industry.

Then as now, the company responds immediately and flexibly to increased demands. Regardless of internationality and worldwide sales activities that were quickly established, it was the company's policy from the very beginning to remain committed to its local origins. Thus, the first courageous leap out of the garage took place in 1993: DiaSys relocated to the neighboring village Holzheim. In the new building constructed there, all areas are functionally united under one roof on approx. 600 m2: administration, production, quality control as well as research and development. This step was rewarded with ongoing economic growth.

But it soon became apparent that the new building, initially perceived as generous, was bursting at the seams. Therefore, in 1999, boldly looking to the distant future, a new, spacious production hall, a capacious warehouse and a large administration building with 3,650 m2 were built, thus expanding the area manifold to 4,250 m2. It was believed at the time, that this would enable the company to cope with future growth for a long time to come.

Here is how you can be mistaken! The success curve of DiaSys continues pointing steadily upwards and already 6 years later, it became apparent that even these premises were no longer sufficient to cope with the constant growth. In order to provide sufficient parking space for the increasing number of employees, a car park with 100 parking lots was built in 2004. Further premises in Flacht (1,000 m2) are rented and in 2006 a building in the Holzheim neighborhood (340 m2) is purchased.

In 2007, DiaSys decided to expand the original building from 1993 and to connect it to the administration wing via a corridor equipped with social rooms. A second floor with space for a library, a new conference room and spacious offices is added. The ground floor and basement turn into laboratories for research and development.

The official inauguration ceremony took place in March 2008, attended by invited friends (e.g. guests from the subsidiaries in Russia and Asia) in the presence of the architects and craftsmen involved. The founders, Dr. Manfred Probst (right) and Dr. Günther Gorka (left) expressed their thanks for great planning and smooth cooperation during the realization of this project when handing over the keys.

Since 2015, the rented premises in Flacht have also become the property of DiaSys. At the end of 2017, the company parking lot had to be expanded to now 168 parking spaces in order to prevent a threatening parking congestion in the village of Holzheim.

In 2021, DiaSys disposes of 6,300 m² in total for production, quality control, research and development as well as administration, which is appropriate for DiaSys' business as a global player in the diagnostic field. Of course, more space will continuously be created at various locations, for example by renting some external storage space.

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