Rapid antigen testing in COVID-19: Results within minutes

The rapidly progressing COVID-19 pandemic and limited laboratory based PCR test capacities require the availability of fast and easy-to-use tools. Rapid tests for professional user have been introduced to allow COVID-19 diagnostics in near-patient settings thus increasing the limited testing capacities/possibilities. In this respect, DiaSys already has been offering a rapid lateral flow immunochromatographic test since some time for professionals. The Product Management is pleased to announce that the rapid test Sugentech SGTi-flex COVID-19 Ag is now CE marked for self-use, approved by TÜV Süd, Germany as notified body.

This signifies that this qualitative antigen test is no longer restricted to professional use but may now reliably be used by non-professionals (laypersons), too; testing opportunities thus expand again enormously.

The cartridge based rapid test kit contains all necessary items for one testing of a nasal sample collected in the anterior nasal region (at a depth of 1-2 cm). This test is characterized by a high sensitivity and specificity, so that reliable results are available after just 15 minutes.

Kit size: 1 test
Kit content: Nasal swab, prefilled extraction buffer, dropper cap, test cartridge, IFU
Sensitivity: 95.06%
Specificity: 97.02%
Time to result: 15 minutes

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