respons®920 and respons®940 training at DiaSys lounge in Cairo

In September two instrument trainings took place once again in the training center of the DiaSys Lounge Cairo in cooperation with our distributor LabTop. Felipe da Costa hosted the respons®940 training from 12th to 16th September and was attended by an engineer from Axim (South Africa), one engineer and one application specialist from CNSS (Djibouti). One LabTop engineer (Omar Mohamed) was also trained, making him capable of providing future training.

The respons®920 training held from 5th to 9th September was again hosted by Dr. Samer Safwat and Bassem Henry of LabTop. This training was attended by four participants from South Africa, Lebanon and Djibouti.

The DiaSys Lounge in Cairo is available for trainings of participants who are not able to travel to Germany. More trainings will certainly take place in Cairo.